Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Portraiture for People and Animals

Alessandra specialises in portraiture for people and animals, capturing moments in time, relationships and personalities.
Portraits take place on location…. the park, a walk in the forest, or your own back garden.
The result – beautiful, natural images to treasure forever.
A wide range of products are available from framed images to contemporary albums.
Portrait sessions start from £45 and are also available as gift vouchers.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Celebrating West Hampstead 2008 in picture

Get the camera in your hands this year and make some memories. We will publish your photos over the next 12 months on a special website built for this project so everyone can visit the gallery and leave a comment. At the end of the year we will select a panel of experts and choose a winner.
Winning photographs will be published in the West Hampstead Directory local magazine that is distributed to over 5000 households every month, and who knows, maybe we will exhibit YOUR photos at our local cafes.
To take a part
• No age restriction – in fact we welcome different age groups.
• No equipment necessary – use what you have from your mobile phone camera to professional equipment.
• Get out and about and discover the area you live in.
• Photograph the people you socialise with, document moments and keep memories.
• Take a photo of the tree outside your window every last Sunday of every month for the next 12 months and capture the changing seasons/times.
• Photograph sounds – noise and silence – crowds – still water …
• Document your ever changing garden.
• Children are a great subject.
• Celebrate seasonal holidays.
• Don't think the photos you take are not good – you never know. Photos, apart from the technical perfection and execution are in fact frozen moments in time – immortalised memories. We can retouch poor photos but we cannot miss that moment.
• Stay in touch with us for tips on photography (subscribe to free newsletter) and ideas.
• Every month we will publish an assignment to give you an idea what you could capture.